vrijdag 29 april 2016

A glimpse

The last few months I've been using my spare time to work on several projects in my canalhouse. Fitting the windows on the frontside of the house.

I finally had the opportunity to start on a small room which will be more of a walk through room with cabinets where you will find nice art pieces.
Here you can see a bit of the (basic) structure of it so far.

The other thing that I've made and which is nearly finished is the knee hole desk. I'm pleased with the size and color of it.
It will be placed in the blue room with the canopy bed.
Unfortunately I haven't found the perfect little (brass) hinges for it. The ones I've found so far are way to big for the small drawers...I'm afraid that I will have to make these myself as well somehow or do you know where to find them?
For the picture I've put a few nice little pieces on top of it.
And I'm also working on the window ofcourse since I don't want damp spots on the wood surface or a magpie who comes to visit and collect the jewelry out of the jewelrybox.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. It's great to see your progress, the desk is excellent and I reall like the blue colour you have chosen for the walls.

    1. Hi Si,
      Thank you my progress isn't as spectacular as your updates! But glad to hear you like it so far. Ihave to slow down on the color blue or the whole house will turnout blue but I love this room so far.

  2. I agree with Si, the blue is a beautiful shade and the gold highlighting just compliments it so well. The desk is gorgeous. Looking forward to more progress reports! lol
    All the best

    1. Thank you Vivian it was fun to work with goldleaf and it works well with the blue. The desk was a fun project that I did when I was a few day free from work.
      Progress is slow but there will be more updates.

  3. Hello Jeffrey,
    The house will be lovely with the great and accurate improvements you have made. the desk is lovely.
    Big hug

    1. Hello Giac,
      Thank you for noticing the eye for detail! I'm very happy with the desk it even looks kind of old in a way.

  4. Love the little sneaky peek through the window and your desk. It's a beautiful piece.

    It's nice to see your progress with this.

  5. Hi Irene,
    Yes that's the fun of peeking into a dollhouse.
    The desk will be one of the few furniture pieces in this small room. Next stage will be the doors for this room and a window made out of real glass.

  6. Great work - the desk is nice and the shells in the room are cool.

  7. It looks very good Jeff, I like your window and the windowsill, looks wonderful! Your desk is lovely, I can imagine your very satisfied with it, and the coloring is indeed very good, just perfect. With hinges for the drawers you mean drawerpulls I think? I have a set of 6 William & Mary pulls w/(flat) pear pendants by Cat's Paw, they are tiny! The backplates are 2,5mmx2,5mm and the pulls are 4mm long. It would be especially great for small drawers. If you would like them, I can send them to you, please send me an e-mail (monique(at)moonsart(dot)nl) and let me know. I'll be happy to give them to you so you can finish your beautiful piece of furniture accordingly. Groetjes Monique