dinsdag 18 oktober 2011


Last weekend I had some time to work on my Christmas roombox. Since it's "nearly" finished I have to start working on the accessories. So I decided to start on the bouquet in the wall behind the buffet table. It's not finished yet. But it was time for a new post here to share with you'll!!
Hope you'll like it,

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Jeffry,
    As always it is absolutley beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished room. I'm always excited to see your work.
    Best wishes,

  2. Yes, I do like it. The bouquet is perfect in the niche.

  3. het ziet er mooi uit hoor
    groetjes adrie

  4. You are doing a great roombox ! Your faux marble niche is stunning.
    Did Brooke Tucker inspired you a bit ?

  5. @Giac: Thank you Mr. of that wonderfull Manor!
    Hopefully I can show the roombox next month or early december.
    @Miniacollection: Glad to see that you like it.
    The niche was one I allready had from Sue Cook.
    I slightly "overpainted" it to adjust the color to the room...it's not so grey anymore.
    (without a flaslight you can tell!).
    @Adrie: Dankjewel het was ook weer eens heerlijk om bloemen te maken.
    @Marie-Laure: Thank you and yes it is based on the Golden X-mas from Brooke Tucker.
    There will be 5 roomboxes based on hers hopefully I can show/share the others here as well, when they are finished.

  6. Dat is een mooi boeket! Ik ben benieuwd naar het eindresultaat.

  7. Hi, Jeffry!

    As a former floral designer, I have to compliment you on your stunning arrangement! I love that you can 'shift gears' so easily and work in such a wide variety of different mediums. Very inspiring!

  8. @Anneke: Dankjewel, het is nog niet af hoor het boeket maar het geeft al een beeld van de sfeer zal ik maar zeggen!

    @John: I didn't know you where a floral designer! Sounds like wonderfull work to do. Working with all those different mediums is part of the fun for me. And it works relaxing when you struggle with the construction of the dollshouse(I can only speak for myself ofcourse).