zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

I got mail...!!!

I mentioned in a previous post that I got some wonderfull news when attending at a David Hurley workshop. Well it was just an email so I wanted to wait a bit longer to be sure.
But this week there arrived a big envelope when I got home from work! Yes.....!!
Now I know I'm not dreaming anymore.....

I feel so honored.....because the IGMA has awarded me with a Scholarship for the Guild School 2012 at Castine. So now it's time to decide which workshops to follow. And that's very difficult since there are so many nice/interesting workshops to choose from.

On the website of IGMA you can read more about it, here you read more about the Guild Scholarship Program.

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  1. Congratulations! I am sure you will LOVE IT and have a great time there. :-)

  2. WOW! Fab news :) Congratulations and so well deserved. Hurray for Jeffery! You must be so thrilled (I remember did a little dance when i got the news).

    Best of luck with choosing from the divers class offerings, I can relate cos I'm doing just the same as we speak. Can't wait to hear what you class you wanna attend. Whatever you pick, it will be lot's of fun. Enjoy the prep too, that's just a s fun.

    Again, congrats & be proud of it!

  3. Hello Jeff, I am a new follow your blog, I'm Mely. I want to make you my most sincere congratulations, I was really amazed, your works are unique, wonderful is an understatement! In my opinion, deserve much more than a scholarship! Forgive the mistakes from now you will find that writing in my comments, I do not speak English (I'm Italian), use google translator ...
    I congratulate all my heart, now I go back to browse through your older posts and I am going to add your blog in my super favorite!
    a kiss

  4. congratulations!!!!!
    what a fine prospect.
    Keep us informed of all your preparations.
    I am very curious.
    Again, congratulations.

  5. Hello Jeffry,
    Congratulations! What wonderful news! With all the wonderful work you've done you deserve the scholarship!
    Can't wait to hear about your classes!

  6. Thank you'll for your congratulations and all the nice responses to my work!

    @Catherine: It will be wonderfull I'm sure...but glad I still have plenty of time do make something nice to show overthere.

    @Debora: I didn't do a little dance since there where 10 other people in the same room!
    How nice and we will see eachother at Castine!?!

    @MelyMel: Welcome to my blog! Your my 60th follower allready! Your English works very well...thank you so much for your kind words.

    @Alexandra: Ofcourse there will be an update later on about the Scholarship!

    @Giac: Again thank all are so kind to me and about my miniature work. Glad I can share it here with you guys(and girls ofcourse!).

  7. O Jeffry, you could have done a little dance, none of us would have thought you had gone mad. Of course I have already congratulated you when you heard the great news, but I'll do it again: CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    I look forward to hearing which classes you have picked.

  8. @Josje: Hahaha I could have...but I'm a terrible dancer! Again thank you! See you next weekend at Arnhem(miniature show)!
    Talk to you later...

  9. Wat een geweldig nieuws Jeffry...gefeliciteerd!!!
    Ik ben benieuwd welke workshops je uiteindelijk gaat kiezen!

  10. Dankjewel Margriet...tzt. laat ik weten welke workshops het zijn geworden.

  11. Gefeliciteerd en succes met het uikiezen.
    Je maakt fantastishe miniaturen, ik ben blij dat ik je blog ontdekt hebb.

  12. Hoi maria, dank voor je berichtje hier en leuk dat je m'n blog volgt.

  13. Just found your blog, congratulations on the scholarship, I was a scholarship student last year and going to Castine for Guild School was just awesome. I am going again next year, so I hope to meet you there, it is an unbelievable busy week but also loads of fun.

  14. Hi Elga,
    Thank you and welcome...!
    Ooh I will have a look at your blog about your Castine adventure. I'm really looking forwad to Castine... I've heard a lot of great stories allready about it. We will propably meet eachother somewhere on the campus I'm sure.

  15. Hi Jeffry,

    Guess I missed this post but Belated Congratulations all the same! How exciting! Have you chosen your workshops, yet?

  16. Hi Jeffry, I've just found your blog. Congratulations on winning a scholarship. I am a lucky winner of the IGMA scholarship too. See you in Castine! Natalia

  17. @ John: Well you can't read all Blogs while working so hard on Merriman Park! So thank you and yes I've made my choices from the catalogue. Will talk more about it in 2012!

    @ Natalia: Welcome to my Blog...and thank you.
    And congratulations to you too! See you in Castine...and probably read about the preparations in hte meantime, right?

  18. JEFF!
    Congratulations on the Guild School Scholarship! I won one of those in 1994 and had a great time there. I am sure you will enjoy the experience.
    Thank you for joining my "blog". You are a talented miniaturist that I am delighted to get to know.
    I hope that the New Year brings you much Happiness and Prosperity.
    Warm wishes from your friend Ray

  19. Hi Ray,
    Thank you for your kind words!
    Really looking forward to the "Castine experience"!!
    Whishing you all the best for the New Year as well. And hopefully more time for miniatures and Blogspot!

  20. Jeff, you are one very lucky fellow! I know you will love the Guild School. Take Geoff Wonnacott's class if you can.


  21. Hi Sophia,
    Thank you....have you been there?
    This year Geoff Wonnacott doesn't give a workshop at Castine if I'm correct.
    But I've picked some other interesting classes.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed and hopefully get my first choice.

  22. Hoi Jef

    Ik ben zzooooooooooo trots op je !!!!

    xxx Conny