vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

First of all I want to welcome the new followers of my blog. I hope you like it here and love to read your comments.

Forgive me for not posting earlier about my Castine experience...it's really  time to share it with you guys/girls! But you know how things go during the summertime.

I will keep this post short and show you the pictures of the things I made.
So here we go......

 The sofa was made in Nancy Summer's class and the Spathiphyllum by Hiroyuki Kimura. His class was wonderfull, the leaves of his plant really move which makes them very realistic.

The cart was made during Francine Coyon's class a really wonderfull French lady with a great sense of humor! 

And this is of the Trimmings Class from Jane Davies a very interesting class   where we've talked about 18th and 19th century trimmings how they where made and other sewing skills. 

I've learned a lot during this wonderfull week and met wonderfull people from all over the world. It's I place I look forward to go back to.

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  1. Vous faites un travail remarquable pendant vos stages!
    Le landau en osier est formidable comme tout le reste de votre travail !!!!!

  2. Hello Jeffry!
    The things you made in Castine are wonderful!
    My apologies for not commenting on your other recent posts.......somehow I missed them and the extraordinary things you have made. Your Drapery Treatment and Dolls are absolutely exquisite!
    Warm regard from Ray

  3. El sofá es primoroso! Y el carro pequeño :D
    Pero adoro sus bordados
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  4. wat een mooie dingen heb je gemaakt, Jeffrey! het karretje vind ik helemaal super, wat zal dat mooi staan bij het speelgoed!

  5. hoi Jeffry
    nou je heb je best weer gedaan,het ziet er mooi uit allemaal.Hoe gaaf is het om allemaal van die super workshops te volgen.En leuke vrienden overgehouden denk ik?Ben je er ook weer in apeldoorn?
    groetjes adrie

  6. ik was zo nieuwsgierig, maar eindelijk dan toch ;-)
    Prachtige sofa!!! En dat wagentje is ook heel erg mooi! Ik kan me voorstellen dat je een geweldige week hebt gehad!!!

  7. Fantastic classes Jeffry! I just viewed 521 photos of this year's Guild School, it really is THE best miniature event there is. I so wish I could afford to go back... Oh well, I am lucky to have been there once. I spotted you in a couple of the photos ;-)

    I love what you have made. I could use that sofa myself and if I ever go back to Castine I would love to take a Kimura class and the Trimmings class as well!

  8. @Isabelle:
    Merci à la voiture en osier était amusant à faire. Francine et donne une bonne leçon. (Mon français n'est possible que via google ne fera pas de bonnes excuses).

    @Ray: Thank you it was a wonderfull experience and hope to go back there someday. Glad to hear that you like the drapery treatment, that curtain was a lot of work. The dolls they are so much fun to do.

    Gracias a la banca que realmente quería para mi casa de muñecas.
    El bordado fue realmente muy divertido y educativo.

    @Gee: Leuk dat je zo meedenkt Gee.
    Het zou zeker leuk staan in het winkeltje maar waarschijnlijk komt het straks op "zolder" te staan in m'n poppenhuis.

    @Margriet: Ja het heeft veelste lang geduurd hopelijk was het het wachten waard ;-) Het was een hele bijzondere week, kan het iedereen aanraden een keer te gaan. Als het goed is komt Francine van het wagentje volgend jaar naar Apeldoorn!

    @Josje: Thank you! Where did you find all those photo's...I can't seem to find them:-( I hope to go back there as well.

    I know......that sofa was a must...it will be perfect for the livingroom, it needs some tiny adjustments ofcourse. You should his classes are wonderfull...Debora and I really enjoyed the Japanese music during class! Jane Davies is wonderfull....she knows so much about fabrics/history etc. it was a treat

  9. Bellissimo i sofà ..una meraviglia di miniatura ..!! Mi piacciono tanto queste miniature!!!
    Buon fine settimana!!

    1. Grazie, la panchina è stato uno dei workshop ho dovuto seguire.
      Trovo anche che lo stile meraviglioso periodo

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful time! They all look great. Cheers - Lidi

    1. Thank you Lidi glad you like them all.
      By the way your baskets look wonderfull as well

  11. Hi Jeffry, prachtig werk heb je gemaakt in Castine. Je hebt er dus veel geleerd en leuke interessante mensen hebt ontmoet. Ik zou graag er eens naar toe willen gaan, maar ik denk dat dat wel nooit zal gebeuren.
    Laat alsjeblieft nog eens wat van je prachtige werk zien op je blog, het is zo genieten om er naar te mogen kijken. Mijn complimenten.
    Fijn weekend. Groet, Ilona

    1. Ja het was een belevenis, heel veel leuke en inspirerende mensen mogen ontmoeten daar. Ik dacht ook dat ik er nooit naartoe zou gaan maar dit jaar is het er toch van gekomen! Dus je weet maar nooit!

  12. Wow, Jeffrey! Truly inspiring work! (Especially that Louis XVI sofa)! Those classes must have been an incredible experience.

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you and yes it was an incredible experience. When I saw the first picture of that sofa I couldn't get it out of my mind!

  13. Hi Jeffry,
    What wonderful work you did. I'm glad you enjoyed and learned from the classes, and I can't wait to see tyour futur project with your newly aquired techniques.

    1. Hi Giac,
      Glad to hear you like my workshop results.
      They where wonderfull. I hope to start working on more flowers, plants with this new material. But I will put it on my blog as soon as I've succeded.

  14. By chance I found your blog with your wonderful work.
    Your dolls are so expressive, and so charming.
    I will stop by regularly now with you.


    1. Hi Alexandra,
      Thank you for your kind words!
      And glad to hear that you like my dolls.
      Looking forwad to hear your comments in the future,

  15. Hallo Jeffrey

    Ik ben zo trots op je mijn vriend!!!!
    Je bent weer een ervaring rijker.
    xxxx Liefs Conny

    Hello Jeffrey

    I'm so proud of you my friend!
    You have just found a new experience.

    xxxx Love Conny

    1. Hoi Conny ik zie nu pas je berichtje hier staan......dank voor je lieve woorden!

  16. Everything you have made is brilliant. Is that Hiroyuki of Hiroyuki @ Kyoko?

  17. *hiroyuki & kyoko :D wrong button

    1. Yes it was a Hiroyuki class, which was wonderfull so if you're able to follow one of his classes just do it! Glad to see you like the things I've made during these classes.