zondag 27 juni 2010

Penny Workshop

11th June it was finally time.......our workshop started!
We've arrived the night before so that we could start early.

*this picture is just for the show, since it was Penny's boat!!

On the first day we've got a bunch of grey cardboard allready cut to size by Penny.We needed to prepair the walls with the paper-maché so that it got a kind of stone texture.See how clean our workspace is the first day!

After makeing the walls it was time to make the first building.

It will be placed in the background on the right side and is half made of stone(paper maché) and wood(cardboard). After the paper maché dried it was time to paint it.

During these 3 days of hard work I forgot to make a lot of pictures, also because I was a half day behind with the construction because I had to go to an Anniversary Party during the second day...but I managed to finish this lovely little project along with all the other's.
After finishing the walls and base with the paper-maché I put the boat along with the figures in it...to see how it all will fit together....which gave all of us so much fun allready...putting our new figures from Penny in those little scene's....

Doesn't it look nice allready??

But on the last day all the fun starts of the hard labour from the previous days!
It's time to distress everything and put the loose components together in this little box.
And yes.......everyone had a smile on his/her face.....seeing it all come together.
By the end of the day it was nearly finished......I only need some small details.....like treasure maps and ropes/chains to make it more realistic.
So for the moment this is the result of 3 days(well in my case 2 1/2 ;oD) hard work.
I hope you'll like it, enjoy.