woensdag 26 maart 2014

Catching Up....!

So sorry for my abscense in Blogland. But as we all know there's a reall world out there which sometimes is very demanding. But all is well here.

And lately I have found some time to start working on miniatures again. I recieved extra pieces of fabric from Susan Bembrigde for the canopy bed in the Blue room. I had it printed the wrong way so I had to wait for extra fabric that Susan send me.

        Here is a glimpse of the canopy bed, at least you can see the color combination

Also I have been working hard on the display of  my roomboxes, still not finished so no 
pictures yet! 

And next week we will be having the Apeldoorn Fair http://www.dhnshow.com/nl/nl.html again, really looking forward to that one. And although it will be a very busy hectic week I'm lucky to have time on friday to follow a workshop from David Pennant from Teeny Weeny. And ofcourse catch up with a lot of friends during the show.

 We will be making a Peg/Dutch doll like this if all works well!!