vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

cleaning the miniatures cabinet

One of the less favorite jobs on miniatures, well for me that is, is dusting the cabinet which displays the "loose" miniatures. Why do we collect so much of them.....goes through my mind at such moments!

But after this job is done I can enjoy the result of it.....and picking up all those nice pieces bring back memories. I really like my minaitures so yes.....I will keep collecting and makeing.
How about you?

So it's worth cleaning it up but most times I'm just not looking forward to it.
But for a while I have this wonderfull lady who helps me with this job.
I have to share her with you because she deserves to be put in the spotlight for all her hard working in the house.

I've made her from a Marcia Backstrom kit.

I hope Marcia will be offering them again soon....I think their wonderfull.