donderdag 3 november 2016

Silver workshop

 Last year I've started my first Silver workshop. Which in fact was ' quite easy' since it didn't involve any silver! We where supposed to design our own bowl and cover. It meant turning a wax model of the bowl and tight fitted lid. And already work out parts of the design in the wax model. But since the wax model is very fragile we couldn't make all parts of the design at this stage. I finally achieved this bowl and when I was working on the inside of the bowl I completly ruined it, in a split second half of the bowl was gone!

So I had to start all over, but this time I knew how the lathe worked and how you can achieve the shape of your wax model so the second bowl was made in far more less time. 

After that we've turned the lid and all the pieces went home with Jens so he could get them casted in silver for the next workshop which was this October.


A lot of sanding and refining the pattern on the bowl and lid was the first step and get rid of the casting seams. Create screw-tread for the handle part. We also needed to solder the parts on the bowl for the handles and hinges. But there was a problem with the burners but eventualy that could be fixed and due to the time pressure Jens did that job for us during the last day.

The workshop was very interesting and I've learned a lot of new skills and discovered that working with Silver isn't scary but a lot of fun! 
And this is how it looks when it stands on the dining table.

vrijdag 29 april 2016

A glimpse

The last few months I've been using my spare time to work on several projects in my canalhouse. Fitting the windows on the frontside of the house.

I finally had the opportunity to start on a small room which will be more of a walk through room with cabinets where you will find nice art pieces.
Here you can see a bit of the (basic) structure of it so far.

The other thing that I've made and which is nearly finished is the knee hole desk. I'm pleased with the size and color of it.
It will be placed in the blue room with the canopy bed.
Unfortunately I haven't found the perfect little (brass) hinges for it. The ones I've found so far are way to big for the small drawers...I'm afraid that I will have to make these myself as well somehow or do you know where to find them?
For the picture I've put a few nice little pieces on top of it.
And I'm also working on the window ofcourse since I don't want damp spots on the wood surface or a magpie who comes to visit and collect the jewelry out of the jewelrybox.