dinsdag 5 november 2013

A transformation...!

Well that's what I was thinking when I saw these pictures next to eachother!
I found this picture again on my pc, it's from the start of the "blue room".
I know it doesn't look pretty, at least you can allready see where the bathroom will be situated.

This picture was probably taken early april.
After that there was a holidaybreak, well basicly 2 to be honest.
The beginning of moving my workshop to another even bigger room.
So the workshopspace was a bit hectic to work/stay in, to say the least!
But it's getting there..........hopefully finished by January.

And the "Blue Room" is nearly finished. It needs some goldleaf finishes and I can finally start making the doors for this room as well as the curtain(a gold/yellow color). I also got used to the color of the floor, I now like the shades of it so I will leave it as it is.
The canopy bed for this room is nearly finished but I will show that one when it's completed. In the meantime here's a picture of the room so far.
I hope you'll like it.