dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Arnhem Fair

The last fair this month was the fair at the Eusebiuschurch at Arnhem. Which was a wonderfull location. Really enjoyed being there. I've got some nice pieces from Stokesayware. I love the gold inside the cups. Also I had to pick up my silver teaset...for which I used the money I got for my birthday.

I was surprised by the new glass items from Gerd Felka......I've never seen these on his stand.

This one has a bit of blue in it so it will be great to display along with some of my "Delfts Blauw".

The vase was painted by me and the tulipvase was made by Henny Starring.

And at the end of the show we found this "workmate". It completely folds/works like the reall one. It's amazing since it was made by the frenchman Piamini who is 80 years old! I will use it a lot for photo's while I'm building/working on my new dollhouse.

maandag 28 maart 2011

Fairs, fairs, fairs...!!

Finally it was March, which means a lot to do in the dollshouse world!

First there was the fair at Rijswijk on which I helped a friend and picked up some ordered miniatures (of which I forgot to make pictures, sorry).

Then there finally was our trip to Birmingham Miniatura...just a one hour flight and we where there. We've met our friends from the UK again and had some time to chat and enough time to walk around and do our shoppings. I got some lovely shoes an handbag from Patrizia Santi, they're for my roombox they had just te right colors for it. Some lovely silk fabric and my first 4 dining chairs.

Also I found some lovely lasercut kits of cherry wood, a wooden box with sliding lid and a tray. And a nice little mirror of which the mirror itself is made out of metal....so it's a bit darker and looks older. The lobster will be used on a buffet display. and I was very pleased with my new knifes, the detail on them are just wonderfull and a hamer ofcourse...since I have to put the mirror on a wall somewhere in the house!

These are 1:24th scale miniatures which I've bought for my Penny Thomson workshop in July. Penny's figurine of a mother holding her baby I just couldn't resist.