zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

I got mail...!!!

I mentioned in a previous post that I got some wonderfull news when attending at a David Hurley workshop. Well it was just an email so I wanted to wait a bit longer to be sure.
But this week there arrived a big envelope when I got home from work! Yes.....!!
Now I know I'm not dreaming anymore.....

I feel so honored.....because the IGMA has awarded me with a Scholarship for the Guild School 2012 at Castine. So now it's time to decide which workshops to follow. And that's very difficult since there are so many nice/interesting workshops to choose from.

On the website of IGMA you can read more about it, here you read more about the Guild Scholarship Program.

dinsdag 18 oktober 2011


Last weekend I had some time to work on my Christmas roombox. Since it's "nearly" finished I have to start working on the accessories. So I decided to start on the bouquet in the wall behind the buffet table. It's not finished yet. But it was time for a new post here to share with you'll!!
Hope you'll like it,

vrijdag 16 september 2011

Wood carving

Last week I went to a workshop from David Hurley. A new skill to learn...!!
On our table was everything placed in an organized manner.

First we started with the front part of the Table Box. We had to transfer the pattern on the panel. After that was done we used a pencil to darken the parts that we have to carve. With all those curls it was a lot of work. We all needed the first day to finish this part.

This picture I made when I was "halfway" on the front's a bit difficult to see on the picture and the carving looks still a bit messy.

During the second day we finished the 2 side parts with some carving and stained the parts.This day was a lot easier.....since we finally knew how to use the tools and how the wood reacts to it. After that it was time to glue the pieces together.

Then it was time to sand and polish the box so that it got that aged look. After that it was time to put the hinges on the box, we even learned some trics to make our own hinges. There wassn't time during the workshop for it. But we know how to do it now, for a next project I will definitly try to make them myself. And then our boxes where finished....they all looked wonderfull and the wood has this lovely smooth and soft feeling. I'm very pleased with the result of it, it was my first try on woodworking. I hope you like it as well.

By the way on the last day of the workshop I got some wonderfull news, but I will "talk" about that another time.

Thanks for looking!

zondag 4 september 2011

Enough time till X-mas...?

This past week I had finally some time to work on my Christmas roombox. Getting the lights fixed and working, a bit on the details allready, like makeing the frames with "paintings".

And even transformed a plastic lamp(on the table) into something that fits more to the scene. It was fun to finally be able to get a lot of work done for this roombox...since there are only a few months left to December!

A few weeks ago we made some mistletoe here's a picture of mine.

maandag 25 juli 2011

photo's of Pantry

I've posted some photo's again. Somehow you couldn't get them bigger. Hope it works this time so that you can see more of the details. By the way...the beams of the ceiling still need to be aged...

zondag 24 juli 2011

The Pantry

A few weeks ago I went to England to follow a 3 day class from Penny Thomson.

We, I went with 2 friends, went to Belper. Here's the citymap Penny made and which she gave us on the first day.

The workshop took place at this wonderfull old school.

And here you can see the material of which we where going to build the pantry.

Basicly it is the grey cardboard and papermaché. And several painting technics to age/distress the building/scenery.

Here I'm working on the tile floor also made from the grey cardboard. Aged them and then several layers of different kind of paints and it starts to look like this. The floors of everyone doing the class where completely different and aged in it's own way. Here you can allready see a bit of my pantry!

Finally after 3 long days this was the result of Penny's Class. I brought along some of the 1:24th scale miniatures that I've bought at Spring Miniatura. So that I could decorate the pantry a little bit. The cupboard and table where also made during the class. And there came this wonderfull lady who followed Penny's classes and gave us all some cheeses she made, I've put them in the cupboard you can see them in the opening. The class was again wonderfull and we learned new and wonderfull technics which will be very usefull for other project!

And ofcourse the figures where made by Penny, she makes the most wonderfull figures out of papermaché. I also got some other figures of her for another project that I'm working on.

I will post about that some other time.

Let me know what you think of my pantry.

Thanks for looking

zaterdag 9 juli 2011

Another workshop

On Monday I'm going to England for another lovely workshop by Penny Thomson.
This time we will be makeing a Pantry along with the furniture in it.
Here are some images from Penny's my next post I will be showing pictures of the workshop and my finished Pantry. It will be a 3 days workshop.

You can even see a bit of the garden outside...a perfect place for the little hen I've got from Penny in March. I also collected lot's of 1:24th scale pottery and fruit/vegetables to fill up the room a bit. Can't wait to start with the workshop on tuesday.

donderdag 9 juni 2011

An impression

I know it's been a while that I've posted something on my Blog. But I have been working on miniatures in the meantime. This roombox issn't finished, I hope it will be by the end of 2011.
But I wanted to share this picture with you'll that gives a good impression of this roombox.
Everything in the picture is made by me...I only bought the windowframes and lamp.
Hope you'll like far......!

dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Arnhem Fair

The last fair this month was the fair at the Eusebiuschurch at Arnhem. Which was a wonderfull location. Really enjoyed being there. I've got some nice pieces from Stokesayware. I love the gold inside the cups. Also I had to pick up my silver teaset...for which I used the money I got for my birthday.

I was surprised by the new glass items from Gerd Felka......I've never seen these on his stand.

This one has a bit of blue in it so it will be great to display along with some of my "Delfts Blauw".

The vase was painted by me and the tulipvase was made by Henny Starring.

And at the end of the show we found this "workmate". It completely folds/works like the reall one. It's amazing since it was made by the frenchman Piamini who is 80 years old! I will use it a lot for photo's while I'm building/working on my new dollhouse.

maandag 28 maart 2011

Fairs, fairs, fairs...!!

Finally it was March, which means a lot to do in the dollshouse world!

First there was the fair at Rijswijk on which I helped a friend and picked up some ordered miniatures (of which I forgot to make pictures, sorry).

Then there finally was our trip to Birmingham Miniatura...just a one hour flight and we where there. We've met our friends from the UK again and had some time to chat and enough time to walk around and do our shoppings. I got some lovely shoes an handbag from Patrizia Santi, they're for my roombox they had just te right colors for it. Some lovely silk fabric and my first 4 dining chairs.

Also I found some lovely lasercut kits of cherry wood, a wooden box with sliding lid and a tray. And a nice little mirror of which the mirror itself is made out of it's a bit darker and looks older. The lobster will be used on a buffet display. and I was very pleased with my new knifes, the detail on them are just wonderfull and a hamer ofcourse...since I have to put the mirror on a wall somewhere in the house!

These are 1:24th scale miniatures which I've bought for my Penny Thomson workshop in July. Penny's figurine of a mother holding her baby I just couldn't resist.

zaterdag 22 januari 2011


This week I finally had some time to work on my dollhouse! And it was time to start with makeing the windows.....a lot of work since there are 11 windows on the front and 8 in the back of the building. Also the picture shows the "bricks" they are painted by me and had to be scored into the gesso. This was really a lot of work but I think it shows off don't you think?

donderdag 6 januari 2011

My "new" doll

Well it's been a while that I've posted something here.

I didn't have much time lately for miniatures but decided to share some pictures of my last completed doll with you.
She's made from polymer clay and dressed by me.

* I enjoyed makeing this picture of her while working on her outfit, doesn't she look a bit Royal allready?

And after long and concentrating working on her this is how she's turned out.....I really loved makeing her wig and sailboat in it.......I's a bit much.....but it was a challenge to make it.