zondag 9 juni 2013

Not just a painting....!

Last april I've found this wonderfull painting at the Apeldoorn Dollshouse show.
There was someting about this portrait so I talked about it with the painter, Jaap Wijtenburg. He makes the most wonderfull miniature paintings, like the originals on real canvas! Well the lady on this particular painting is Belle van Zuylen.
A very "modern woman of her period" she was born in 1740. In the summer she lived on the countryside and in the winters in the town, so she was "practically a neigbour!
So by that time I had to buy it for my dollhouse ofcourse. Still not sure if she will be placed in the livingroom or in the (future) diningroom or a perfect place in the library as she was a writer as well.

Here's a close up of the painting. There will also be more detail on the frame and it will be finished with real goldleaf ofcourse.

And a quick picture of the painting  lying on the cover of her biography

If you want to read more about her: Belle van Zuylen