dinsdag 30 april 2013


As you would have guessed today's color in the Netherlands had to be ORANGE!!
This moring after the abdication of Queen Beatrix we've got a new king, her son, Willem Alexander. So this has been an interesting national (feast)day.
And here's a picture of our new king & queen in case you've missed the news!
(Maxima's gorgeous dress was made by a Dutch designer, Jan Taminiau)

But there's more..........
This evening I finally had time to see who is the winner of the "Giveaway".
Indeed even in our house there was a bit of orange to find but let me a sure you I didn't wear any orange clothes! Trust me the color doesn't do me any good ;-)

And now for some drum rolls..............the winner is...................!?!

Congratulations Irene........it's your lucky day, you've won my giveaway!!
So if you could contact me so that I can mail it to you as soon as possible.
I hope you will like it and find a nice place for it in one of your lovely rooms.

maandag 8 april 2013

A giveaway

I wanted to put a giveaway on my blog for a long time. So while I was making some figurines for one of my projects I knew that one of the fellow bloggers could use one as well. So here's my first giveaway, I hope you'll like it.

All you have to do:
Be a follower of my Blog and leave a comment here.
I will draw the winner on april 30th.
In the meantime I will varnish the figurine and wrap her up for you.