donderdag 19 september 2013


I must have looked like I have been sleeping for a long long time! But no, I did not! RL asked a lot of my time untill recently and there's the moving of my workshop to another and bigger room! Which is really neat but also takes a lot of time as you can imagine.

But this week I did find some time to start on miniatures again. I've even been  working on 2 bedrooms for my canalhouse. 

 One is ofcourse the traditional "blue room" and for the contempory room I've upholstered the bed, I even decorated the legs with goldleaf.
(which you probably won't see when the bed is made up, but I know it's there!)
Ofcourse this bed won't stay in the "Blue room" which will get a canopy bed instead.
Also I'm still not sure about this floor.....

Oooh and the blue looks a lot different on the photo's then in reality, it's called Blue Grey. The white pieces of wall will be decorated with blue printed silks ofcourse, the same fabric will be used for it's bed. And yes next door will be the bathroom with a chinoiserie wallpaper and no not in blue this time.

And here's the contempory bed, I found this amazing printed fabric at a local store which got me started again!