vrijdag 16 september 2011

Wood carving

Last week I went to a workshop from David Hurley. A new skill to learn...!!
On our table was everything placed in an organized manner.

First we started with the front part of the Table Box. We had to transfer the pattern on the panel. After that was done we used a pencil to darken the parts that we have to carve. With all those curls it was a lot of work. We all needed the first day to finish this part.

This picture I made when I was "halfway" on the front part...it's a bit difficult to see on the picture and the carving looks still a bit messy.

During the second day we finished the 2 side parts with some carving and stained the parts.This day was a lot easier.....since we finally knew how to use the tools and how the wood reacts to it. After that it was time to glue the pieces together.

Then it was time to sand and polish the box so that it got that aged look. After that it was time to put the hinges on the box, we even learned some trics to make our own hinges. There wassn't time during the workshop for it. But we know how to do it now, for a next project I will definitly try to make them myself. And then our boxes where finished....they all looked wonderfull and the wood has this lovely smooth and soft feeling. I'm very pleased with the result of it, it was my first try on woodworking. I hope you like it as well.

By the way on the last day of the workshop I got some wonderfull news, but I will "talk" about that another time.

Thanks for looking!

zondag 4 september 2011

Enough time till X-mas...?

This past week I had finally some time to work on my Christmas roombox. Getting the lights fixed and working, a bit on the details allready, like makeing the frames with "paintings".

And even transformed a plastic lamp(on the table) into something that fits more to the scene. It was fun to finally be able to get a lot of work done for this roombox...since there are only a few months left to December!

A few weeks ago we made some mistletoe here's a picture of mine.