zaterdag 22 januari 2011


This week I finally had some time to work on my dollhouse! And it was time to start with makeing the windows.....a lot of work since there are 11 windows on the front and 8 in the back of the building. Also the picture shows the "bricks" they are painted by me and had to be scored into the gesso. This was really a lot of work but I think it shows off don't you think?

donderdag 6 januari 2011

My "new" doll

Well it's been a while that I've posted something here.

I didn't have much time lately for miniatures but decided to share some pictures of my last completed doll with you.
She's made from polymer clay and dressed by me.

* I enjoyed makeing this picture of her while working on her outfit, doesn't she look a bit Royal allready?

And after long and concentrating working on her this is how she's turned out.....I really loved makeing her wig and sailboat in it.......I's a bit much.....but it was a challenge to make it.