dinsdag 19 februari 2013


Indeed after a long time of working and other things, there was in January finally time for miniatures! I took a week off to have some time to work on miniatures.
I finally found the fabrics that would be "perfect" for my Tudor house.
Which ofcourse isn't finished....but I wanted to start working on the tiny bedroom.
I've made the bed from a McQueenie kit.

The curtain was put on the wall just for this picture, it still needs some work to finish it.

The colors of the blanket aren't perfect but it gives an idea.
I still need to make the curtains for the bed they will be a red colored fabric with crowns and roses ofcourse.

And a sneak peek of something I've been working on in Janaury.
(still not finished, do you like it so far Ray?).

So no finished projects during this post...but I'm back on track!!!