maandag 20 april 2015

David Hurley workshop

September last year we had our 3th workshop, wood carving with David Hurley.
This time we would make a Tudor wall cabinet during the 3 days.

This is how we started, checking all the parts before we draw the patterns on the wood parts.

Here I'm working on the piece with the arches, which turned out to be the most time consuming part to be made. And made us think we will never finish this project in time.
Somehow that's what we think during every workshop at some point!

It's starting to look like a cabinet, David carved the numbers and my initials since these pieces where so tiny and there where no extra parts!

My finished piece, still waiting for it's place in one of my projects, yes in one of the Rik Pierce houses. But when we finished our cabinet during the workshop there was plenty of time to start on an extra carving piece.

I wanted to take my time with this piece to do the carving as good as possible.
Since we're still learning, I was pleased that I got the background so smouth this time.

When I started on this piece I had the idea to not just stain it but also paint the carving and add some goldleaf details on it. I do like the colors on it and to make it complete the panel needed a frame to give it a finished look.

It took a while to make this piece, I hope you like it as much as I do!

maandag 6 april 2015

An empty room(box)...

These last few weeks I have been working on a small project.
I've read the article of Ray&Scott about this little roombox and the way of painting it so that it resembles wooden paneling something I really wanted to try myself. I never thought that the cardboard would look like wood but with the trimming around it it turns into "reall wood paneling".  

It was a fun project to make between the windows for my canalhouse.
And a nice new technique that also can be useful for the (future)librabry in my canalhouse.

Ray& Scott I hope it get's your approval!

But now the only problem is to deside what to put in this small roombox.
So visiting the Kensington and Rheda show will be even more fun I guess ;)