vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

First of all I want to welcome the new followers of my blog. I hope you like it here and love to read your comments.

Forgive me for not posting earlier about my Castine experience...it's really  time to share it with you guys/girls! But you know how things go during the summertime.

I will keep this post short and show you the pictures of the things I made.
So here we go......

 The sofa was made in Nancy Summer's class and the Spathiphyllum by Hiroyuki Kimura. His class was wonderfull, the leaves of his plant really move which makes them very realistic.

The cart was made during Francine Coyon's class a really wonderfull French lady with a great sense of humor! 

And this is of the Trimmings Class from Jane Davies a very interesting class   where we've talked about 18th and 19th century trimmings how they where made and other sewing skills. 

I've learned a lot during this wonderfull week and met wonderfull people from all over the world. It's I place I look forward to go back to.