dinsdag 5 november 2013

A transformation...!

Well that's what I was thinking when I saw these pictures next to eachother!
I found this picture again on my pc, it's from the start of the "blue room".
I know it doesn't look pretty, at least you can allready see where the bathroom will be situated.

This picture was probably taken early april.
After that there was a holidaybreak, well basicly 2 to be honest.
The beginning of moving my workshop to another even bigger room.
So the workshopspace was a bit hectic to work/stay in, to say the least!
But it's getting there..........hopefully finished by January.

And the "Blue Room" is nearly finished. It needs some goldleaf finishes and I can finally start making the doors for this room as well as the curtain(a gold/yellow color). I also got used to the color of the floor, I now like the shades of it so I will leave it as it is.
The canopy bed for this room is nearly finished but I will show that one when it's completed. In the meantime here's a picture of the room so far.
I hope you'll like it.

donderdag 19 september 2013


I know...it must have looked like I have been sleeping for a long long time! But no, I did not! RL asked a lot of my time untill recently and there's the moving of my workshop to another and bigger room! Which is really neat but also takes a lot of time as you can imagine.

But this week I did find some time to start on miniatures again. I've even been  working on 2 bedrooms for my canalhouse. 

 One is ofcourse the traditional "blue room" and for the contempory room I've upholstered the bed, I even decorated the legs with goldleaf.
(which you probably won't see when the bed is made up, but I know it's there!)
Ofcourse this bed won't stay in the "Blue room" which will get a canopy bed instead.
Also I'm still not sure about this floor.....

Oooh and the blue looks a lot different on the photo's then in reality, it's called Blue Grey. The white pieces of wall will be decorated with blue printed silks ofcourse, the same fabric will be used for it's bed. And yes next door will be the bathroom with a chinoiserie wallpaper and no not in blue this time.

And here's the contempory bed, I found this amazing printed fabric at a local store which got me started again!

zondag 9 juni 2013

Not just a painting....!

Last april I've found this wonderfull painting at the Apeldoorn Dollshouse show.
There was someting about this portrait so I talked about it with the painter, Jaap Wijtenburg. He makes the most wonderfull miniature paintings, like the originals on real canvas! Well the lady on this particular painting is Belle van Zuylen.
A very "modern woman of her period" she was born in 1740. In the summer she lived on the countryside and in the winters in the town, so she was "practically a neigbour!
So by that time I had to buy it for my dollhouse ofcourse. Still not sure if she will be placed in the livingroom or in the (future) diningroom or a perfect place in the library as she was a writer as well.

Here's a close up of the painting. There will also be more detail on the frame and it will be finished with real goldleaf ofcourse.

And a quick picture of the painting  lying on the cover of her biography

If you want to read more about her: Belle van Zuylen

dinsdag 30 april 2013


As you would have guessed today's color in the Netherlands had to be ORANGE!!
This moring after the abdication of Queen Beatrix we've got a new king, her son, Willem Alexander. So this has been an interesting national (feast)day.
And here's a picture of our new king & queen in case you've missed the news!
(Maxima's gorgeous dress was made by a Dutch designer, Jan Taminiau)

But there's more..........
This evening I finally had time to see who is the winner of the "Giveaway".
Indeed even in our house there was a bit of orange to find but let me a sure you I didn't wear any orange clothes! Trust me the color doesn't do me any good ;-)

And now for some drum rolls..............the winner is...................!?!

Congratulations Irene........it's your lucky day, you've won my giveaway!!
So if you could contact me so that I can mail it to you as soon as possible.
I hope you will like it and find a nice place for it in one of your lovely rooms.

maandag 8 april 2013

A giveaway

I wanted to put a giveaway on my blog for a long time. So while I was making some figurines for one of my projects I knew that one of the fellow bloggers could use one as well. So here's my first giveaway, I hope you'll like it.

All you have to do:
Be a follower of my Blog and leave a comment here.
I will draw the winner on april 30th.
In the meantime I will varnish the figurine and wrap her up for you.

woensdag 13 maart 2013

Real marble or...?

The last 2 days I had some time to work on the resin fireplace that was laying around overhere since 2012! I finally had the nerve to start with the marbling of it.
This fireplace will be fitted in the parlour of my canal house. But where do you find marble in the colors that will fit this room? Indeed...you won't find them but you can find the right paint tubes to do the tric for you and ofcourse I had a good look at the reall marble in our hallway. After the first layers of paint I thought this will never start looking like real marble.
It didn't stop me...at this point it could only be improved was my opinion. So after a good nightrest I went on, drawing lots of tiny cracks and a few ocher spots for a warmer feeling. It's fun to do and in the end I was even pleased with the result. See for yourself and let me know what you think, okay?

Here's a close up of the first occupant of my canal house. So no one chases her of the sofa at this stage! And don't worry in the meantime I look after her.

dinsdag 19 februari 2013


Indeed after a long time of working and other things, there was in January finally time for miniatures! I took a week off to have some time to work on miniatures.
I finally found the fabrics that would be "perfect" for my Tudor house.
Which ofcourse isn't finished....but I wanted to start working on the tiny bedroom.
I've made the bed from a McQueenie kit.

The curtain was put on the wall just for this picture, it still needs some work to finish it.

The colors of the blanket aren't perfect but it gives an idea.
I still need to make the curtains for the bed they will be a red colored fabric with crowns and roses ofcourse.

And a sneak peek of something I've been working on in Janaury.
(still not finished, do you like it so far Ray?).

So no finished projects during this post...but I'm back on track!!!