donderdag 26 maart 2015

"The world in Miniature"

That's the exhibition called at 'Slot Zeist' a 17th century estate.
It runs until the 6th of April and is worth a visit!

They have the collection of the family Bavelaar on display.
Interesting to look at since it was made by 3 generations of sculptors between 1795 and 1830. And much smaller than the scale we work in these days  but full of details!

And the other part of the exhibit is filled with the work of  contemporary artists, Peter Gabriëlse, Gerard Klein Hofmeier, Piet Bleijenga and Ruben Verheggen&Eva Post.

The exhibit was a nice start of my weekend on friday, on saturday I had some time to work on my miniature projects(next post) and on Sunday I visited the Dollshouse Nederland fair at the new location in Ulft. I enjoyed the show and found some lovely pieces for my collection and I could pick up my porcelain painted ornamental plate with "Stadhouder Willem V" on it...well I did my best!

And how was your World in Miniature?