donderdag 19 juni 2014

Another workshop!

On saturday, along with a friend, we start on a 5 days project given by Rik Pierce.
We're facing a lot of work and long days/evenings but so looking forward to it.
I will be making photo's ofcourse and give an impression of the workshop and my results when I'm back home.

Here's a picture of what we will be making. Isn't it a lovely building?

I will be back next week, I'll have to start packing my suitcase and tools for the class.

vrijdag 11 april 2014

The wooden doll

A week ago I did follow a workshop at the Apeldoorn Dollhouse Show given by David Pennant from Teeny Weeny Teddies. His class was well prepared and a great tutor he turned out to be. First we've started on carving/sanding the wooden pieces. A lot of extra steps followed and after that we've had plenty of time to practice on painting faces. First on a flat surface and after that on a dummy before we started finally painting on our tiny dolls. She's fully poseable, well her arms and legs at least. Putting on her sleeves was a reall challenge since my own fingers got in the way constantly.

But here she is on the sofa her residence for the time being.

And here's a close up of her, it wasn't easy to get a clear picture of her.

On Saturday, at the show, I recieved this wonderfull portrait from a friend of mine!
I was totally surprised by this generous gift so again a BIG thank you!! He will get a nice place in one of the rooms but I haven't decided which one yet. So he might show up in several pictures through the house.

And here's one of the plates that I've painted, it's still not finished it needs some more detailwork like fish scales after that it can again be fired.

At the show I didn't have much time for shopping since I was helping a friend at his table.
But fortunately I can look forward to a trip to Kensington Dollhouse Festival next month.

woensdag 26 maart 2014

Catching Up....!

So sorry for my abscense in Blogland. But as we all know there's a reall world out there which sometimes is very demanding. But all is well here.

And lately I have found some time to start working on miniatures again. I recieved extra pieces of fabric from Susan Bembrigde for the canopy bed in the Blue room. I had it printed the wrong way so I had to wait for extra fabric that Susan send me.

        Here is a glimpse of the canopy bed, at least you can see the color combination

Also I have been working hard on the display of  my roomboxes, still not finished so no 
pictures yet! 

And next week we will be having the Apeldoorn Fair again, really looking forward to that one. And although it will be a very busy hectic week I'm lucky to have time on friday to follow a workshop from David Pennant from Teeny Weeny. And ofcourse catch up with a lot of friends during the show.

 We will be making a Peg/Dutch doll like this if all works well!!