dinsdag 22 december 2015

Happy Holidays

As you can see no Christmas tree this time but the gifts have allready arrived.
And a bit odd there seems to be some fresh snow in the garden!
Well not in mine, I noticed that the daffodils are blooming at this moment.

But I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

zaterdag 19 september 2015

What happens before you read a book?

Well after the part of writting and printing ofcourse. Then you start with the task of bookbinding.
I did this during a class of Tine Kreijne a while ago.

We've started with the printed sheets, which contain the text and pictures of the book.

With this tool ,that will create the spine of the book, we've started working.

Here we've put the first, which is the last section of the book, in it's place and sewn it to the treads(spine).

   And just continue till you've put all the sections into place,  yet another time consuming task.

Finished!!! But where are my glasses........??? Those characters are soooo tiny maybe I'll stick to the drawings for the time being ;-)

zondag 12 juli 2015

Denmark Tune 2015


Last week I went to Denmark, Tune for a full week of miniature workshops and meeting a lot of miniature friends. I did a 3 day workshop sculpting with James Carrington and for the first time working with silver done by Jens Torp.

Working on the hands and other parts just before constructing the dolls on the last day.
There was a new way of building the dolls so you have to get used to the techniques before something decent comes out of the clay!

My classmates which where great fun during the whole week.

Wednesday evening after yet another wonder dinner it was time to show the pieces we've made during our first class

One of the dolls I made standing in my dollhouse and still wearing the tissuepaper dress I quickly made for her just before the show, ofcourse in the future it will be a silk one!

On thursday we started with the second workshop in my case, Silver.
A new material for me to work with.
Working without a magnifying glass it was a bit difficult to do so they're not perfect pieces.
But for me it was a wonderfull introduction working with silver, which I intend to do more often!

The first stage was to make this tiny cup and sand it to get a smooth edge to it.

After that we had to cut out the one handle that we needed to solder to the bowl

And this is the result of  the workshop, the bowl is finished on the cake slicer
I have to work a bit at home and finish it during a next Silver workshop in October!

A big thank you to the organisation for creating this wonderfull week and meeting all the nice people during the week.

If you're interested here's the link to Miniatures in Tune

maandag 20 april 2015

David Hurley workshop

September last year we had our 3th workshop, wood carving with David Hurley.
This time we would make a Tudor wall cabinet during the 3 days.

This is how we started, checking all the parts before we draw the patterns on the wood parts.

Here I'm working on the piece with the arches, which turned out to be the most time consuming part to be made. And made us think we will never finish this project in time.
Somehow that's what we think during every workshop at some point!

It's starting to look like a cabinet, David carved the numbers and my initials since these pieces where so tiny and there where no extra parts!

My finished piece, still waiting for it's place in one of my projects, yes in one of the Rik Pierce houses. But when we finished our cabinet during the workshop there was plenty of time to start on an extra carving piece.

I wanted to take my time with this piece to do the carving as good as possible.
Since we're still learning, I was pleased that I got the background so smouth this time.

When I started on this piece I had the idea to not just stain it but also paint the carving and add some goldleaf details on it. I do like the colors on it and to make it complete the panel needed a frame to give it a finished look.

It took a while to make this piece, I hope you like it as much as I do!

maandag 6 april 2015

An empty room(box)...

These last few weeks I have been working on a small project.
I've read the article of Ray&Scott about this little roombox and the way of painting it so that it resembles wooden paneling something I really wanted to try myself. I never thought that the cardboard would look like wood but with the trimming around it it turns into "reall wood paneling".  

It was a fun project to make between the windows for my canalhouse.
And a nice new technique that also can be useful for the (future)librabry in my canalhouse.

Ray& Scott I hope it get's your approval!

But now the only problem is to deside what to put in this small roombox.
So visiting the Kensington and Rheda show will be even more fun I guess ;)

donderdag 26 maart 2015

"The world in Miniature"

That's the exhibition called at 'Slot Zeist' a 17th century estate.
It runs until the 6th of April and is worth a visit!

They have the collection of the family Bavelaar on display.
Interesting to look at since it was made by 3 generations of sculptors between 1795 and 1830. And much smaller than the scale we work in these days  but full of details!

And the other part of the exhibit is filled with the work of  contemporary artists, Peter Gabriëlse, Gerard Klein Hofmeier, Piet Bleijenga and Ruben Verheggen&Eva Post.

The exhibit was a nice start of my weekend on friday, on saturday I had some time to work on my miniature projects(next post) and on Sunday I visited the Dollshouse Nederland fair at the new location in Ulft. I enjoyed the show and found some lovely pieces for my collection and I could pick up my porcelain painted ornamental plate with "Stadhouder Willem V" on it...well I did my best!

And how was your World in Miniature?

vrijdag 30 januari 2015

"Through the looking glass"

At last I have something new to share with you all.

In January my new workshopspace had reached a "workable" level and I had a bit of time to start on my least favorite part of the house.
Building the windows, the frontside needs 11 sliding windows.
Ofcourse I wanted real glass for the windows I found some 2mm thick glass that works really well.

Fitting the windows with glass into the frames

 I've used a cardboard template before cutting the glass.
To my surprise it turned out to be a fun project but when completely finished it's finally time to start building/decorating the rooms!