woensdag 27 juni 2012

Castine 2012

I've had a wonderfull time at Castine and made something for the exhibition and the auction overthere. The first picture shows my donation to the IGMA for the auction night. She was sold during the auction for a neat price and I know she will have a very good new home! I hope they will enjoy her very much I enjoyed making her

The next pictures show you the roombox which I made for the curtain to show at the exhibition.
This curtain and the silk that I've used on the walls will be used for the livingroom in my dollhouse.
It won't be exactly the same but it gives you an idea of the color scheme that I will use for it.

And ofcourse I made another doll to put in this roombox for the exhibition along with a nice flower arrangment(sory not on the picture). Her dress was a lot of fun to make and the picture doesn't show it. But her dress is a grey color in which there are silver shiny sparkles......which gives it a rich look

My next post will afcourse be about the week at Castine along with some pictures and the results of my workshops.