donderdag 6 januari 2011

My "new" doll

Well it's been a while that I've posted something here.

I didn't have much time lately for miniatures but decided to share some pictures of my last completed doll with you.
She's made from polymer clay and dressed by me.

* I enjoyed makeing this picture of her while working on her outfit, doesn't she look a bit Royal allready?

And after long and concentrating working on her this is how she's turned out.....I really loved makeing her wig and sailboat in it.......I's a bit much.....but it was a challenge to make it.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw, ze is echt heel mooi!!!
    Ik hou wel van een beetje "over-the-top", het is in elk geval erg leuk om te maken :-)
    Groetjes, Margriet

  2. Ze ziet er werkelijk schitterend uit ! Heel apart.

    Groetjes Mieke

  3. Margriet: Thanks....ja "over the top" is soms erg leuk om te maken.
    Karina: Hello...nice blog you've got as well!
    Mieke: dank je...ik wilde haar in een "pruiken winkel" stoppen maar heb haar nu een soort van "over"!