maandag 28 maart 2011

Fairs, fairs, fairs...!!

Finally it was March, which means a lot to do in the dollshouse world!

First there was the fair at Rijswijk on which I helped a friend and picked up some ordered miniatures (of which I forgot to make pictures, sorry).

Then there finally was our trip to Birmingham Miniatura...just a one hour flight and we where there. We've met our friends from the UK again and had some time to chat and enough time to walk around and do our shoppings. I got some lovely shoes an handbag from Patrizia Santi, they're for my roombox they had just te right colors for it. Some lovely silk fabric and my first 4 dining chairs.

Also I found some lovely lasercut kits of cherry wood, a wooden box with sliding lid and a tray. And a nice little mirror of which the mirror itself is made out of it's a bit darker and looks older. The lobster will be used on a buffet display. and I was very pleased with my new knifes, the detail on them are just wonderfull and a hamer ofcourse...since I have to put the mirror on a wall somewhere in the house!

These are 1:24th scale miniatures which I've bought for my Penny Thomson workshop in July. Penny's figurine of a mother holding her baby I just couldn't resist.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. wauw, mooie spullen heb je gekocht!!
    Ik vind die spiegel leuk!!!
    Maar het popje is ook echt prachtig..kan me voorstellen dat je die niet kon laten staan :-)

  2. ik vond het gezellig jullie weer te zien zondag,je hebt mooie spullen gekocht in engeland.Mooie stoelen,en een heel leif popje prachtig hoor.
    groetjes adrie

  3. Ja Birmingham was zeker weer leuk om te lijkt het helaas elk jaar wel minder te worden daar.
    Margriet: dankjewel ja die spiegel zag ik ineens staan, bleek dat ze er ook mar 1 van hadden toen ik later terug kwam. In juli zie je de scene waar het popje in komt.
    Adrie: vond het ook erg leuk je weer gezien/gesproken te hebben! Heb jij nog wat mooi's gekocht? En heb je nog bij Penny d'r stand gekeken...ze maakt echt zulke mooie dingen.