zondag 12 juli 2015

Denmark Tune 2015


Last week I went to Denmark, Tune for a full week of miniature workshops and meeting a lot of miniature friends. I did a 3 day workshop sculpting with James Carrington and for the first time working with silver done by Jens Torp.

Working on the hands and other parts just before constructing the dolls on the last day.
There was a new way of building the dolls so you have to get used to the techniques before something decent comes out of the clay!

My classmates which where great fun during the whole week.

Wednesday evening after yet another wonder dinner it was time to show the pieces we've made during our first class

One of the dolls I made standing in my dollhouse and still wearing the tissuepaper dress I quickly made for her just before the show, ofcourse in the future it will be a silk one!

On thursday we started with the second workshop in my case, Silver.
A new material for me to work with.
Working without a magnifying glass it was a bit difficult to do so they're not perfect pieces.
But for me it was a wonderfull introduction working with silver, which I intend to do more often!

The first stage was to make this tiny cup and sand it to get a smooth edge to it.

After that we had to cut out the one handle that we needed to solder to the bowl

And this is the result of  the workshop, the bowl is finished on the cake slicer
I have to work a bit at home and finish it during a next Silver workshop in October!

A big thank you to the organisation for creating this wonderfull week and meeting all the nice people during the week.

If you're interested here's the link to Miniatures in Tune

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Greetings Jeffry! I LOVE your doll! What a Grand Dame she is and such a terrific pose! She has an enormous amount of attitude in her features and she can even pull off wearing a tissue paper dress and Still make it look fashionable! :D
    Your silver pieces are Lovely and I am sure that you must feel very proud of your newly acquired skills.
    I know that I'm impressed!
    Well Done!:D


    1. Hi Elizabeth thank you for your kind words! It was so much fun to make her and yes she can pull it off in this dress ;o)
      Working with silver has been more fun than I expected it to be! And yes I'm more than happy with the results.

  2. Wow, what extraordinary workshops! How fortunate you could attend them. Your doll is just amazing, well done, and the silver looks perfect.

    1. Hello Shannon yes these workshops are special and so glad I was able to join them. It's always wonderfull to learn new skills.
      Glad to see you like the doll as well hopefully I will have time this winter to sculpt some more dolls.

  3. Un curso muy bien aprovechado con un resultado magnífico!!! Y además divertido!!

  4. agradable ver que usted también se convertirá en un hermoso miniaturas.

  5. Hi Jeffry, what a wonderful opportunity to attend the workshops, especially with Jens Torp for silver smithing.
    You have created such a distinctive personality in your doll. Surely not your first try?
    Thank you for sharing your work with us.
    Regards Janine

    1. Hi Janine,
      Yes it is a wonderfull oppertunity to attend a summer school like this.
      Thank you no she's not the first doll that I've created but the last ones where made 3 years ago. Glad to see you like her as well.

  6. I see I have missed some things, both your post and the classes...Hopefully next year again! I see many familiar faces in your class ;-)
    Your doll looks great, very creative dressing! And the jewelry is perfect!
    What a lovely surprise to see you working with silver. And that you liked it! Now you see you have missed out on all of those wonderful classes the past few years ;-) Hopefully we will see you join in the next one?! With magnification and a good work light of course.

  7. Hi Josje,
    Yes it still is a small and fun world! Thank you, glad to hear you like her and her dress just made in a few minutes that where left before the show. I asked Ursula Stürmer to make these special pieces for me. Working with silver was yet another challenge but fun as well. Yes I know I have missed out on a lot of wonderfull pieces but we'll see what the future will bring ;-) Absolutely I will join you in october but I will start on Sunday due to work.